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What Does It Take To Be A Copywriter in 2021?

No, it is not grammar.

In 2021, there’s something more than beyond perfect English. The tectonic shift from traditional advertising to digital advertising creates a need to be a Digital Copywriter rather than just a Copywriter. The more one is aware of social media more is the possibility of surviving in the competitive market. If you do not know about the latest trends, then the roadblocks in your career will amplify in the future. You might think that you need to educate yourself about social media, but it is not necessary.

In this article, I will help you understand what basic understanding you need to have about social media when it comes to writing copy.


It is a single post consisting of multiple images in the form of slides. One thought expresses your idea in a series of images.
There are three things to understand here – Heading, post copy heading, and post copy.

Header – The lines that go on each image in the carousel

Post copy heading – One line about the thought conveyed in the heading

Post copy – A two-line brief description of the headline and a call to action


They are the most engaging form of audio-visual medium in social media today. Most of the brands globally depend on them to promote their products through reels. A simple two-three line heading goes on reels. Most of the time, just music and video do the work as the purpose is to drive engagement with visual communication. Go to the Instagram page of any brand to spot the reels. They are creative and fun.

Static posts

It is a post with a single image with a creative headline. Just like a carousel, it has a heading, post copy heading, and post copy. The primary focus here is the headline used on the image. Keep it minimum but more impactful. The purpose is to touch the chords of the target audience in a minimum number of words. You can briefly explain the rest of the concept in the post copy. Sometimes, static posts can also be in the form of GIFs. For instance: in a food-centric post, one can show a wisp of smoke flowing in the air from a bowl of rice.


Also known as Instagram TV, they are usually video posts that are more than 1 minute. It might be a corporate video, a full commercial that lasts up to 5 minutes. Usually, the requirement is of a script as per the brief, brand guidelines. The increasing usage of mobile phones and social media has compelled brands to promote their products even on social media.

Promotional Posts

These are offer-centric posts similar to the carousels. One thing to consider here is that the heading and description should be 40 characters or within it. Try to include the price of the offering in the first two words. It brings the attention of the customer. It is one of the marketing techniques in social media used by brands to bring in potential buyers.

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